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Hiyala Indiga, massage therapist,  yoga/pilates instructor, & owner

Body Prayers Yoga and Massage studio has re-located. We are still in Circle Pines, but now housed within Body Mind Circle.  301 Village Parkway, Circle Pines, Mn 55014. 


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763 413-0612

612 850-0071

 IndigaArt@aol.com  info@indigaArt.com


"It takes courage to grow up and
turn out to be who you truly are." 

Acrylic painting by hiyala indiga. 
To see more of her artwork,
go to

About Me,  Hiyala Indiga

I love working with children of all ages and abilities. 
Drawing upon my own experience as a child who was shy and restless I felt a need  to provide a physical experience for children who are not into the competitive sports. 

In my senior year of high school I began to study ballet & modern dance at  Minnesota Dance Theater.  Although my mother always said " stand up straight and tall", it was not until I began to study dance that I incorporated that advice.  Having good posture alone contributes to better energy flow and confidence. 

Yoga encourages children to be who they are while enhancing self esteem thru the mastery of balance, suppleness, strength and control of their bodies.   

I have been teaching my Parent + Child yoga program
since 2005. I love the bonding aspect of yoga. 
I also teach creative movement, French, Spanish &
yoga at daycares.  Since children love to move,
I always combine  lots of movement into my classes. 

My training and background.  

 My first major at Augustana College in Sioux Falls SD was Special Education.  There I gained much experience working with autistic as well as  deaf & blind populations.  A trip to France led me to change my major to  French Education with a minor in Foreign Studies.  

 I was a teacher in the public schools for 9 years.  I taught French  at secondary level but in the summer I worked
at the Concordia College French Language Village,
at River Falls College for kids & Century College's summer program. 

Beginning  1990 I began to pursue studies in the Holistic Healing Field and became trained as a Yoga instructor and massage therapist.  I was the afterschool/lunch supervisor at Oak Hill Montessori school in Shoreview for 2 years where I also taught yoga and French. I have owned my own business, "Indiga Arts of Healing" since 2003. (of which Body Prayers Yoga and Massage Studio is one aspect) I look forward to meeting you.  warm regards, Hiyala Indiga