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Come and learn yoga with "Savasana", the Turtle who does yoga. We will take a hike thru the woods and imitate the animals that we encounter. For example, this pose is called "Lizard on the Rock.

oooo.. that feels so good! 

Using a charming storybook written by Hiyala as the framework for our practice, we will learn:

  • 1) how taking long slow breaths helps us to remain calm

  • 2) the value of moving slowly, like a turtle

  • 3) nature is our friend.

This book and accompanying cd can be purchased from hiyala at her studio or go to the products page.

 from Parents.com:
"Many parents who practice yoga are sharing it with their kids. That's what happened in Kelsey's case. Before my husband and I had children, we benefited so greatly from yoga -- with calmer minds, increased energy, more strength and flexibility -- that we became certified to teach it. "

 Yoga isn't only fun, it's great for building self-esteem.

"Unlike other sports, with yoga there's no chance of a child feeling bad if he can't get the ball over a net," says Kathi Kemper, M.D., an associate professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. Plus, "doing yoga can help kids keep the flexibility they have naturally when they're young," says Russell Greenfield, M.D., assistant clinical professor of medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson.

Notice to parents: sometimes, the younger children choose to watch a lot, especially the first few classes and that is ok - a lot can be learned by watching.  In this case, the adults "model" the yoga poses for them until they feel ready to participate.  Many times, the child will feel less shy and may want to practice what they learned at home.


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Hiyala Indiga, massage therapist,
yoga/pilates instructor, & owner

Body Prayers Yoga and Massage studio has re-located. We are still in Circle Pines, but now housed within Body Mind Circle.  301 Village Parkway, Circle Pines, Mn 55014. 

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Current Classes:   

Parent + Child Yoga

Creative Movement Classes

Includes rhythmic studies and exploring different ways to move our bodies.  Children will be exposed to different kinds of music from all over the world. 

Practice in imitating movement as well as  "free flow" improvised movement. 

Family French classes.  Learn French thru songs, games, and movement.  At Body Prayers Yoga Studio in Circle Pines or at your location.  


Creative classes in French, Art, Yoga
and hiking in the great outdoors.  

Yoga classes for Teenage Girls 

We will  explore the ability of our bodies  thru the practice of the the asanas (poses), many of which mimic animals (lion pose, cobra, down dog, etc).
We emphasis: 
1) body awareness - going slowly with focus, using mindfulness
2) using the breath for calming and to help with sleep/anxiety. 
Classes can also be arranged for your group at your location